1.) FOMO (Fear of Missing Out)

Everything shiny new tool or training that comes along distracts you from keeping the main thing the main thing. Remember, marketers spend YEARS mastering the art of persuasion, if something sounds too good to be true, it probably is! There are no real shortcuts, sneak-arounds, or back doors to becoming your best. If you want to master your craft, there’s just no way around good old-fashioned hard work. So pick something and stick with it until you know you could eat off that skill for life if necessary!

2.) Guru Hopping

Every slick talking salesman knows you're an easy mark. You SMELL desperate. STOP inviting everyone online to target you with their offer by being desperate. If you have a money skill, focus on it until you have a small war chest to chase your dreams. THEN and only then, go into battle with the market. Far too many great entrepreneurs with great ideas never made it past the idea stage because of funding (or lack of it). Do NOT fall into this trap.

3.) Operating Outside Your Strengths

If you aren't a copywriter, hire an expert. If you think “WordPress” is the AliBaba version of a Cricut T-Shirt press, find someone who builds websites. Point is, you absolutely can NOT master everything. Trying to will distract you, and trying to dabble outside your competency will waste precious time. Hire an expert and get it done right the first time and be done with it. “Published beats perfect every time.”

4.) Burnout

If you weren’t listening during Step 3, this is your inevitable destination. Spreading yourself too thin, staying distracted, not focusing on your areas of strength will absolutely sap your energy faster than a cheap battery in a new toy on Christmas Morning! Delegate anything outside your expertise and double down on what you do best. Spiral upwards and allow yourself to rise above the distractions to avoid burnout. And take “ME time”. Don’t be ashamed of it. You worked hard, you deserve it.

5.) Lack of Systems

The bottlenecks of inefficiency will destroy your business from the inside out. When you create viable systems that are easily replicated, everyone wins. It is more work up front, but it is an absolute lifesaver in the long run.

6.) Zero Balance

Putting out all the fires from step 5 will leave you exhausted and drained. This leads you to neglect the other foundational areas of your life. Health and relationships rarely survive the chaos of unsystematized entrepreneurship. Don’t be a statistic, focus on what matters. As Jim Rohn used to say; “When you work, be at work. But when you are home, be at home. Don’t waste the workday wishing to be home, and then waste the evening dreading everything you didn’t get done at work!"

7.) Know When to Say "NO"

Learn when to say no. Not every opportunity is a good opportunity. More importantly, not every GOOD opportunity is a good opportunity FOR YOU. Learn when to say no! This will save you an IMMENSE amount of time, headache and spent energy by avoiding everything that doesn’t contribute to the ONE thing that you should be doing!