Hi, I'm Tracy B. Green, the creator of the Conversion Storytelling™ method, the popular framework for copywriting.

So you might know me as the creator of the "Adversity Coach" program (AdversityCoach.com), the first and ONLY program of its kind designed to give top-level executive entrepreneurs a trusted advisor on-demand.   

Or maybe you know me as one of the market's most in-demand corporate consulting strategists from the company I founded, (ConsultingStrategist.com).

Or possibly as a leading authority on direct response copywriting from my decade running a publishing company. 

...Or maybe even from my popular training program, EntreEngineering.

Truth be told there are probably a million different identities you might know me by. But what you probably didn't know about me is that for over a decade I had a secret identity.

I was "The World's Worst Marketer!"
Yup, there it is. I said it. I was LITERALLY the Worst Marketer in the World.

*(Ok maybe not "literally" ...I guess that might be a TINY exaggeration. But I did {quite literally} write the book on "Conversion Storytelling," so you might have to endure some liberties with exaggerating the truth... for effect of course.) 

During this time I was hailed by my peers as one of the smartest marketers in my field, making millions for "The Man" ...while retaining my J.O.B. status (i.e. Just Over Broke) and hiding my secret identity...

You see, people constantly told me that I had been born with a GIFT, an unnatural ability, almost like a scary sixth sense that enabled me to sell ANYTHING!
But they were wrong... (DUN-DUN-DUNNN)
You see there was ONE THING I just couldn't figure out how to sell. And ironically it was the most important thing of all...
...MYSELF! *(Not like that you filthy animal!) 
No matter how hard I tried I couldn't crush limiting beliefs that had me imprisoned in a dark cave of self-doubt.

However, one day everything changed when I saw my Bat Signal in the sky, sending me to a Tibetan monastery on a journey of enlightenment.
OK, not really, but I actually did find my Alfred and learn how to use my superpowers for good!
...(And STOP nitpicking the details already, I'm trying to tell a story!)
These days I prefer coaching entrepreneurs to writing campaigns, so if your superpower is currently being wasted running on a corporate hamster wheel, I can help you ditch the dreaded 9-to-5 and find your true calling.

How would it feel to have a guide that's already taken the trip take your hand and guide you on your journey to freelance freedom?

*(WAIT!!! ...I see what almost happened there, but this is MY story, so I get to be Batman! Sorry, but I don't want to be your Alfred, you'll just have to tell your own story! ...But you can be Robin or Batgirl in mine. Your choice. Don't worry... I won't judge!)

If that sounds like something you'd be interested in, drop me a line and let's talk!

*(BTW: I hid {NUMBER REDACTED} typos on this website. Find them all, and your first month working together with me is free! ...Unless you're a corporate client currently on retainer with my day job company, then this doesn't count. My attorney said to say that... And he's licensed in Gotham, Central City and Metropolis)