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About Me

Hi, I'm Tracy B. Green, the creator of the Conversion Storytelling™ method, the widely popular framework for copywriting. 

So might know me as the founder of the "Adversity Coach" program (, the first and ONLY program of its kind designed to give top-level executive entrepreneurs a trusted advisor on-demand.   

Or maybe you know me as one of the market's most in-demand corporate consulting strategists from the company I founded, (

Or possibly as a leading authority on direct response copywriting from my decade running a publishing company. 

...Or maybe even from my popular training program, EntreEngineering.

Truth be told there are probably a million different identities you might know me by. But what you probably didn't know about me is that for over a decade I had a secret identity... Read More


As one of the world's preeminent consulting strategists, people typically come to me for one of two reasons.

1.) They are stuck

2.) See above

After spending over a decade consulting with some of the world's largest corporate brands both as a media publisher and an independent strategy consultant, I decided to write a book on the Entrepreneurial Mindset. The book would be the culmination of case studies from my graduate work in engineering and at Harvard Business School, along with real world research from almost two decades of work experience.

What I discovered by accident was the secret code to unlock your inner creative genius and unleash a perfect storm of productivity at the intersection of your four pillars; Passion, Purpose, Performance and Profit.

Using this strategy I was able to crack what I called, "The Enigma Equation" and help entrepreneurs accomplish what previously seemed to many like an unsolvable riddle, creating a profitable business centered around a purpose-driven niche they were passionate about. Read More

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