Copy is King in the Ad Jungle

Copy is King in the Ad Jungle

I'm about to spill the beans on an unpopular truth that no one wants to talk about...

Tactics will NOT create a lasting, legacy business!

There I said it, and it's off my chest.

Seriously though, if I had a nickel for everyone I see asking about the latest tips, tricks tactics and hacks I'd probably be able to quit work and retire. 

Here's what you need to understand. The undisputable truth.

Copy is king, and always will be.

Regardless of how or where or what channel you use to broadcast your copy, (audio/video/interactive | FB, YT, IG, etc.) the MESSAGE you bring to your audience is the core powering the conversion vehicle. The storyteller is defined by the story they tell, and all the hacks you uncover will NOT make up for your inability to effectively communicate your message.  

You just can't shortcut, hack or hijack your way into becoming a master storyteller or wordsmith. Understanding the psychology behind what motivates your audience to action and the psychological triggers that create that action is a long, painful repetitious process that you can't package and sell.

The legendary copywriters of the Golden Era of Madison Avenue would obliterate 99.9% of the top Facebook Ad pros of today in a head-to-head contest because they mastered their craft without the crutch of technology. 

Today we just want tactics, because no one wants to do the hard work behind the research it takes to develop deep-level strategy. 

As frustrating as it was sometimes, taking a step back and immersing myself in print was one of the best learning experiences of my career. Because it forced me to master the art of crafting persuasive copy that converts... without leaning on the crutch of technological tactics, tricks or retargeting. 

That's how you develop the skills that get the kind of results that blow everyone else's out of the water. Never be too proud to sit at the feet of the masters and learn your craft from the ground up. Those who put in the effort up front never need to worry about someone passing them with simple tactics. 

When tactics face off against strategy, strategy always wins... But when a master strategist deploys advanced tactics, they are unbeatable.