It truly amazes me how many "entrepreneurs" there are that want to take a short cut to success... They never get it, "short cut solutions equal SHORT TERM SUCCESS!" ...You are just cheating yourself.

The hard truth that no one wants to hear is that go
ing pro requires hard work, REALLY hard work. And this culture has gotten lazy.

Long term success depends on mastery, and there is simply no short cut for putting in your 10,000 hours of perfectly executed practice. 

You have to fall in love with your craft. Master it. Elevate yourself above the competition to a level where you are KNOWN for your results. Where your name is synonymous with success in that field. Put in the time to become one with your skill set to a point where it is second nature. 

Learn your area of strength. You can't be good at everything. Michael Jordan was mediocre at baseball. Usain Bolt was cut from the soccer team. Mark McGwire was truly awful at golf. Find out what your ONE thing is and master that money skill with an intensity that echoes your desire for success.

Long term success requires undiluted focus and relentless obsession on your ONE thing, and that thing has to fall in your natural zone of strength. The sooner you discover what the hidden diamond is and come to terms with the work involved in polishing it to brilliance, the sooner you'll become truly successful. 

Our perception gets clouded by fancy plaques recording revenue, and every newbie now assumes that 6 months is FOREVER and they want a 7-figure business TODAY. Sorry kid, it just doesn't work that way. If you want to be great, TRULY great, there's just no substitute for hard work.