Marketing is NOT manipulation

Marketing is NOT manipulation

MARKETING is NOT about becoming witty enough to trick someone into buying a product and then quickly shutting the refund door behind them so they can't get out...

That's entrapment.

Marketing is the ethical pursuit of matching a painful problem with a perfect solution. Nothing more, nothing less.

This way, you don't have to worry about refund policies, buyer's remorse, chargebacks, etc. 


Because if you've done the work up front and researched your audience and your refined your product to match their pain point, you've actually helped the end user alleviate that pain that put them in pursuit of your solution to start with.

REMEMBER: Problem solved equals happy customer.

Why is this so important? 

Our verbiage to each other as veterans is sometimes misleading to rookies. If you've spent very long in the trenches you are obviously aware of everything I just talked about and structure your offer and audience accordingly.

However, we use phrases internally as water cooler talk that lend themselves to lead rookies to believe we are manipulating consumers for a purchase rather than mentoring them with a purpose.

REMEMBER: Marketing is NOT manipulation!

So if you are new to the "game" remember it's not actually a game. These are people's lives and their personal problems and they are trusting us to provide ethical solutions. As such, your marketing message should always be:

1. Entertaining,
2. Educational,
...and most importantly,
3. Ethical
If you would be angry if someone used your pitch/product on your mom, spouse, child, grandparents, etc. (fill in the blank), if you would be angry if you saw someone use your tactics to "cheat" a child, or if you would be angry if YOU were in your audience's shoes and"fell for" your pitch/product, FULL STOP, and change what you are doing! 

REMEMBER: You should NEVER trade a temporary payday for a lifetime of guilt!

I'll end with what I call "Green's Golden Rule": "Sell unto others as you would have them sell unto you."