One knockout punch matters more than a dozen jabs

One knockout punch matters more than a dozen jabs

REMINDER: One knockout punch matters more than a dozen jabs

Distribution of focus equals dilution of energy. Energy is fuel for your momentum. And momentum is your most powerful asset for continuous progress. 

This is the single most important reason most businesses stall. Never underestimate the potential energy generated by brief but intense periods of applied focus. 

The effect of focusing on one single aspect of your life is an exponential force multiplier. So pick ONE thing to apply 100% of your focus on and crush it. Then move on to the next thing and repeat the process. The results will be astounding. 

Very quickly you will come to understand the power of applied focus and learn to guard your energy against distraction with the intensity of a jealous lover. 

Remember that you can run a dozen first downs and never once see the end zone. You can land a dozen jabs and never throw a K.O. punch. One home run is more important than four singles. Cumulative wins are exponentially more powerful at creating momentum than little steps of progress in a dozen different directions. So focus on chalking up a single, decisive win each day rather than wasting precious energy trying to keep a dozen plates spinning. Because four singles are not equal to a home run. One home run can win the game, but four singles might not even move the needle. If your focus is distracted in the bottom of the 9th by a bad pitch you swung on back in the 5th, you'll never even make it to first base. 

So apply your focus, all of it, on the pitch in front of you right now, and swing for the fences every single at bat.