STOP bullying yourself!

STOP bullying yourself!

I think it is crazy how many people will disqualify themselves from helping others because of the limiting beliefs they've had about themselves for years.

Instead of comparing our potential impact to someone else's we should open up to the idea that we have value to bring to the market. 

The most common excuse I hear for NOT getting started today, right now, is this:

"But ________ (fill in the blank with Guru of the week) is more successful than me!

There's a million reasons people disqualify themselves, but let's break down some of your limiting beliefs one-by-one and prove why that each excuse is a load of garbage:

Reason 1.) The guru you are intimidated by is probably full of crap himself and faking most of their internet success. They are fueling what limited success they project off the backs of their believers. Very few (relatively speaking) are ACTUALLY killing it. Don't be intimidated by a rented reputation. 

Reason 2.) Just because you aren't the best (YET) doesn't mean you don't bring immediate value to the market. Example... I need to get my truck worked on this week. My auto-mechanic does NOT have to be a member of a NASCAR pit crew, my problem doesn't call for that. And I'm happy to pay him for his current skill set to solve my current problem. Assuming you've been working on your money skills, you have the ability to solve someone's immediate problem, TODAY, and they are happy to pay you for that.

Reason 3.) Don't expect to start out at Tony Robbins' level. It took Tony 40 years to become Tony, and he is a freak of nature in regards to mindset. Stop comparing your current situation to someone who already has their 10K hours in. You have to start with 1.

Reason 4) "People keep rejecting me!" No kidding. Get used to hearing "NO". Learn to love it. It will fuel your success. Remember enough NOs equal a YES eventually. So grow up and keep making offers. You have to make a name for yourself with blood, sweat, and tears.

Reason 5) "But ________ (Guru of the week, LAST week) cheated me!" Join the club! Almost everyone gets star stuck and pays the price of admission into entrepreneurship getting backdoored by a bad guy. Chalk it up as a lesson learned the hard way. 

P.S. Eventually you actually will find a good mentor, and having carried the bitter regret of the scammer around for a while will make you all that much more appreciative when you get guidance from someone who is actually the real deal. 

Bottom line? - START TODAY! Put in the time to master your craft. Earn some decent coin along the way. And eventually, you will be the master. But hiding your big idea under a basket of excuses doesn't help you or the audience you claim to care about. And now you have no excuse!