After a decade of consulting I still battle this misconception! Every day I hear; “They don’t trust me!” …or, “How do I get my audience to trust me!?” 

Trust, like any foundation, is built ONE brick at a time! In other words, trust is not “yes or no”, “does or doesn’t” etc. 

Think of trust on a scale from 1-to-100. Then reframe your question and ask, 1.) “How MUCH does my audience trust me? And 2.) “What can I do to EARN more of their trust?” 

You HAVE to shift your mindset from thinking of it as an on/off switch.

Think of your potential customers as a walled city. You have the supplies they need, but the gates are locked by mistrust and you can’t get in. Trust is like a ladder you can use to scale the walls and bring your audience the solution to their problems. 

But you HAVE to climb it from bottom to top. You can’t start out in the middle! If your goal is ultimately to help your audience, (and if it’s not, you’re in the wrong place), you have to find a way to build a ladder of trust to scale the wall one step at a time. It is simply unavoidable...

But there are a few secrets for how to climb it faster!

If you are interested in how to learn the secrets of the social trust ladder, contact us to get an advance copy of our “Social Trust Ladder Strategy” Case Study to learn the EXACT steps for how you can stop beating your head against the wall and earn MASSIVE trust from your audience! 

Start building your ladder today!